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Post by christin@cmjj.net » Mon Jan 19, 2015 5:33 pm

I so need help…. I am new to my machine brother PE-770. I love it, now I just installed essentials and am not really "getting it". My main question is this. If I have 2 hoops, 5 X 7 and a 5 X 12, when I am selecting images, do they have to be smaller than 5 X7. This is so confusing because my machine says that the area is 5 X 7, ut then why do I have a 5 X 12 hoop, soooo confused??? Also…. when I go to preferences and then hoop, I have no idea which hoops are mine because of the mm. Its driving me nutty. All I have is a 4 X 4 hoop, 5 X 7 hoop and 5 X 12. ANy and all input is sooooooo appreciated, thank you in advance :) Also if I buy an image from emblibrary, will a 5 X 12 hoop let me make it bigger in embrilliance???

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Re: hoops

Post by MacStitch » Mon Jan 19, 2015 7:04 pm

Your 5x7 hoop is 130 x 180 mm. The 5x12 is a multi-position hoop. Your machine can only stitch 130 x 180 or small field, but the 5x12 lets you stitch two different files without re-hooping. When you get more advanced, you can split a larger design into two files so that a larger design can be stitched with your machine. Since you are new to this, I'd leave the multi-positional hoop alone and concentrate on 5x7 and 4x4 (100x100mm) until you get more comfortable with the machine and the hobby.
I also suggest that you join a couple of forums that concentrate on embroidery. Two of my favorites are www.sewforum.com and www.appliqueforum.com. Sewforum is free and appliqueforum has both a free and a paid membership. There are also many Facebook groups. Browse the forums for many useful tips on embroidery itself. And, ask questions. Remember, everyone on the forums was a beginner once. This forum has a vast knowledge base for how to use the Embrilliance products.

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Re: hoops

Post by EastWitch2 » Mon Jan 19, 2015 7:07 pm

Under Preferences you should choose Pes Format.
You will also see the words Hoop Style and under that you will see Normal and Multi Position.
You have to click on one of these Hoop Styles in order to see the hoop sizes.
If you click on Normal Hoop Style you will see a list of Normal Hoop Sizes

Now the Normal hoops that you have are 4x4 and 5x7.

So in the Normal List of hoops you will have to choose from the hoops listed.
The 4 inch x4 inch hoop converted to millimeters is 100mm x100mm
The 5 inch x 7 inch hoop is 130mm x 180mm

Your 5 inch x 12 inch hoop is a Multi Position Hoop and you would have to click on Multi Position Hoop Style in order to choose that hoop.
The 5 inch x 12 inch hoop is 130mm x 300mm.

When you merge in a design that you purchased or download for free into the work area of Essentials the design has to fit within the hoop size frame you choose for your design.

So if you choose the 130mm x 180mm hoop size the design would have to fit within that hoop area meaning it would have to be slightly smaller than the actual size of the hoop.

There are several Videos for Essentials that you should take the time to watch as they are full of information on resizing designs, making text designs, adding text to a design, etc..

You can find most of the Essentials Videos at the link below.

For your 5 inch x 12 inch hoop ( 130mm x 300mm hoop) Lisa did a Video demonstrating how to make a text design in that hoop size and how to size and save the design so it stitches out on your machine.
You can view the video by clicking on the link below.

You may want to read through the Tips and Techniques Section for Essenatial here on the forum for more information about using Essentials.
You can find the Tips and Technique Section for Essenatials at the link bleow.

Please feel free to ask more questions and we will try to help you.


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