Help with Viking Designer SE and Mega Hoop

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Help with Viking Designer SE and Mega Hoop

Post by jenncatsmeow » Thu Apr 30, 2015 11:57 am

I've been trying to create a design for use in my Mega Hoop (new to multi-position hoops.....been doing machine embroidery for about 10 years now.) Also, new to Embrilliance....(previously I've been using Sierra Stitch Era Universal) and the Viking Designer SE (purchased it used a few weeks ago). When I load a "pre-loaded" Viking Mega hoop design, it works perfectly. When I try to load my created design, the machine keeps saying it's too large for the hoop, but I have the mega hoop selected on the machine, and in Embrilliance (I have the entire package: Essentials, Enthusiast, Stitch Artist, AlphaTricks, Density Repair Kit, and Thumbnailer) it appears to e done correctly with the stitch simulator and saved as two stitch files.

Here's how I did it:
1) Opened the mega hoop from the HUS dropdown menu in Preferences.
2) Merged Lettering and then "fit to hoop"
3) Merged a small design and placed it appropriately within the hoop, just above the letters
4) Saved design/working file (which created two stitch files)

5) Loaded both stitch files to my USB stick and placed in the machine
6) Opened the first file on my machine....which automatically put it in the center P2. I tried manually sliding the design to the bottom edge of the hoop (for P1, but P2 stays bold) to send it to stitch out.....says it's too large for the hoop. Next, I reloaded it back to it's original center P2 position and just tried sending it to stitch that way...still says too large for hoop. I also tried loading both designs (both halves) at the same time...and they seem to fit in the hoop picture on my machine, just fine...but it also comes up "too large for hoop."

How do I fix this problem so I can stitch out large designs of my creation with my mega hoop (one of the main reasons I purchased this machine and the embrilliance software).

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