Hoop for the Durkee 9x9 for Multi-needle machines

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Hoop for the Durkee 9x9 for Multi-needle machines

Post by margnelson » Sun Mar 09, 2014 6:55 pm


I am now the proud owner of a PR650 and am loving it. I have all the modules of Embrilliance and absolutely love it, cannot imagine embroidering without it.

I have invested in a few of the Durkee aftermarket hoops, which are great, have created a hoop size of 200mm x 200mm and have also made a template for it.

Currently, I put a design into the selected hoop and then hold my template up to my monitor with the design displaying at 100% and make appropriate adjustments in each corner to ensure that the design is within the durkee hoop.

Can we please have a hoop template within embrilliance that has the corners well in and rounded ? This would be a great enhancement and one that I would most definitely use daily. If so, can it be done as a .bx so that I can drag n drop that hoop in ... please, pretty please.....

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Re: Hoop for the Durkee 9x9 for Multi-needle machines

Post by Jordank » Fri May 22, 2015 5:34 pm

I would love this too !!

Can I ask what size frame you choose to do your designs in currently in the software ?

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