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Tool Tip - Lettering Limit Stitch Length

Posted: Wed May 04, 2016 7:12 pm
by LisaSewBubbles
Limit Stitch Length.png
Limit Stitch Length.png (243.67KiB)Viewed 6518 times
Using the Limit Stitch Length in your Stitches Properties pane, you have control over how the software treats long stitches in your lettering objects. Looking for more information on this? - you can download and search the manual at
Essentials Lettering Adjustments.jpg
Essentials Lettering Adjustments.jpg (483.66KiB)Viewed 6518 times
Here is Shake it Off from The Itch 2 Stitch - a beautiful small FAT font that I made bigger and fatter to show the differences in the choices. By the way, I pushed the limits on this font making it 162% bigger and it stitched rather nicely in spite of MY decision.