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Merge Stitch File

Post by LisaSewBubbles » Tue Jun 17, 2014 7:27 pm

When you want to combine designs into one layout, you want to use the Merge Stitch file function. But first let's talk about the TWO different types of "merge" functions in the program - people get confused.

If you look at the top menu toolbar, there are TWO merge functions. The first is the Merge Library Design that looks like a gear with an arrow. This allows you to add designs from the built in library. The program comes with a default Embrilliance library - others may have other libraries because they added BX Embroidery Design libraries like those in the Share! section of this forum. Library designs have different attributes that can be modified - for example did you download and install the Moddies from the Share! forum? These are applique designs that are available as a library and you can change the finishing stitch. If this is news to you, check out the Share! section accessible from the main forum page.

What I'm explaining here is the Merge Stitch File function that lets you view all the designs in a selected folder or zip file and import the ones you want. This is accessible from the File menu or the menu button that has the needle next to it.
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When you choose this function, the dialog box opens and you can navigate to the folder that contains the designs in the pane on the left. Click on the folder/zip and the designs are displayed on the right.

You can change the size of the designs displayed by clicking on the size button at the top.

If you single click on a design, it's attributes are shown along the bottom -- really helpful if you have the same design in multiple sizes!

If you want to select more than one design to merge together use the SHIFT, CTRL/Command key on your keyboard when you click to add check boxes to those selected files then click Import to add them to your design page.

To see the Merge Stitch File function in action, be sure to check out the video on the BriTon Leap Youtube channel:

If you have further questions, please use the Contact Us link at the top of this page to submit your questions to customer support.

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