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Edit Knockdown Stitches

Posted: Fri Aug 12, 2016 1:30 pm
by javelinsst
Is it possible to edit the knockdown underlay? I'd like to add a hole to an underlay design.
Though I've watched numerous youtube videos, read through the Forum, Manual, and FB page, I could have missed the answer.
I did find a video on the Embrilliance FB page using an auto outline and inflate on SA3 to create a similar underlay - however I've only purchased SA1&2 to date.

Thanks so much,

Stitch Artist 1 & 2

Re: Edit Knockdown Stitches

Posted: Thu Oct 06, 2016 1:17 pm
by javelinsst
Wanted to add what I did as a solution to my original post.
In order to have the knockdown function leave open areas within the fancy 'S' monogram, I split the monogram through the loops where I did not want the knockdown, essentially creating two objects instead of just one.
As long as the loops were open and not closed (I needed to manually remove any stitches that would have closed the loop as the needle would go between the loop parts in each object), then the knockdown function filled just around the open lines instead of filling in the space within the loops. Once the knockdown and monogram objects were the way I wanted, I aligned the two objects again to look like the original monogram. This stitched as two objects but looked original with the knockdown only following the lines and not filling in the loops. I little extra work, but it sewed out just fine.

One more thing - though I upgraded SA 3 to use the auto outline and inflate functions as an option - that didn't work either as it filled in the closed loops in the same way the knockdown did. Splitting the object into two was the only way I could figure this out to finish the project.