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Post by SewcialGal » Wed Sep 10, 2014 12:56 pm

Is there an Enthusiast detailed manual we can download?? After splitting a design I can't find which stitches are tied off and which aren't. I'm not seeing a difference. I'm splitting the swirls of a monogram letter so that they intertwine with the letter next to it - some swirls under, some swirls over the middle letter and I'm having trouble identifying which stitches to tie-off. Once I do add a tie-off to a stitch and I click off it I can't tell if it's been tied off. Should it look different?? I turned off the 3D view and have increased the view as much as possible. I know LindeeG has a video on intertwining swirls on monograms which was helpful, but it's not detailed enough of a beginner. Also, her video was on a satin stitch monogram and I'm trying to do an applique monogram, which is a little more complicated as I don't want any stitches to show on the fabric from the swirls that goes under it. Sorry, I'm probably rambling, but wanted to give you as much info as possible. Thanks.

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Re: Tie-offs

Post by EastWitch2 » Wed Sep 10, 2014 2:13 pm

Hi SewcialGal!

Usually in an embroidery design or letter there is a tie off at the beginning of the design/letter and one at the end of the design/letter.

When you cut a portion of the original design off you would need to add a tie off stitch at the stitch point the original design is cut as this now becomes the end of that design and the tie off stitch will to ensure it doesn't come apart after stitching.

The portion that you cut off will not have a tie off stitch at the beginning or first stitch so you need to add one at the stitch point where it begins. It should already have a tie off stitch at the end.

The Tie Off Stitches that you add will increase the stitch count of the design parts.
Before adding a Tie Off check the stitch count and then add the Tie Off stitch/stitches and you should see that stitch count has increased.

The video by Lindee G explains the placement of the Tie Off Stitches but the video goes through the process quickly so watching it a few times may help you understand where to place the Tie Off Stitches.

Lisa did a Video showing the steps of Applique lettering and it shows how to remove the hidden stitches. See Video link below.

Since you are using Applique letters the process is more complicated when it comes to cutting portions of the applique lettering as you are dealing with layered stitches and I would suggest you fill in and submit a Support Ticket so that the Embrilliance Support Team can help you.
Here is the link to the Support Ticket System.

This sure would be a great lesson for Lisa to do as a Video as it would help many Embrilliance Users that love to use Applque Lettering.
Perhaps you could suggest this to Lisa and the Embrilliance Support Team.

Now that you brought this up I am very curious on how you would do this and I am sure there are others interested in this too!
Perhaps you can report back to us on the Forum to let us know what you find out!


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