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StitchArtist FAQ (so far)

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StitchArtist(tm) will launch on Friday (USA), November 28, 2014.

Q: What is it?
StitchArtist is a multi-level approach to machine embroidery design creation software. It has the easiest user interface that we have seen or could imagine. It makes the normally difficult process of design creation easier. It won't make you an expert overnight, but you'll be able to use it quickly and as you grow in your skills you'll be creating designs more easily than ever before. It is designed to go hand-in-hand with embroidery digitizing instruction, so that you can learn to create with lots of people offering inspiration and guidance.

It uses a normal Bezier interface for drawing, and a simple spline mode for those who are afraid of Bezier. It let's you draw, create stitches, sequence, set entry and exit points, edit, move, size, rotate, adjust properties all within one mode. No switching around or clumsy tool selection.

Q: Does it stand alone?
StitchArtist is part of the Embrilliance Platform, so it works together with other Embrilliance products in that platform.

Q: Do I need Essentials or Enthusiast?
It does not require Essentials, Enthusiast or any other Embrilliance title.

Q: Can I upgrade from Essentials or Enthusiast?
It does not do what Essentials or Enthusiast do. They are their own products. Please don't ask about 'upgrading' from Essentials; you can do that -- purchase StitchArtist. If you don't have Essentials, what do you do? Purchase StitchArtist. See how easy we've made it!

Q: I need Mac and Windows versions. Do I pay extra?
You can if you want to, but your license for Embrilliance products includes the Mac and Windows versions, mix and match, on as many computers as you own.

Q: How do I move it from one computer to another.
There is no dongle. You don't need to worry about any of that nonsense. Please don't share. If you do and we notice, we have to deactivate the serial number, and that would be a shame.

Q: How much is it?
Visit our store at

Q: What machines is it compatible with.
Virtually every embroidery machine on the planet can read one of the file types the platform can write. The only machine limits are those where the software needs to run the machine directly. Even then, in their software you can load the files created in the platform.

Q: If I buy Level 1 today, and want Level 2 in the future will there be an upgrade?
No, you're stuck. Kidding! Naturally we will have an upgrade process. The prices are set to come in at about the difference in price between the full levels.
Check the for details on price.

Q: Can I trade in my other software?
If you don't want it, neither do we, no matter how much it used to be worth.

Q: Is there a Trial?
No. There is a non-saving Demo, in its usual place at
Remember we also offer a 90-Day money back guarantee.

Q: How does it compare to (insert brand here).
We don't know because we can't figure out how to use that program. They're too hard to use and too expensive for us to bother with.

Q: How do the levels compare?
We have written an extensive product comparison document that flags all the features we could think of. It's a PDF download on the page, titled PDF Manual.
Also the StitchArtist Information Page page has a couple of those checkbox comparison thingys.

Q: Level 3 just came out, will there be more levels?
We would like to think so. If you read between the lines there are obvious things missing, and those might be hints as to what they might contain.

Q: Can it convert a photo of my cat?
No, this is not a photo-stitch product. There are plenty of those out there.

Q: Can this convert a logo?
No. This is not an automatic digitizing product. There is no such thing as 'conversion' from an image. Autodigitizing folks have been working hard at that for years, and the results are okay for simple images perhaps, or a one-off creation. But there is no substitute for a skilled user with solid design creation software.

Q: Does it run on iPad?
No. iPad is not a Mac. And iPad is missing a mouse, which would make it very difficult to edit outlines.

Q: Windows 8.1? Windows 10?
Yes. Just don't buy a Surface RT, which is not an Intel tablet. The Surface Pro is fine.

Q: OSX Yosemite? El Capitan?
Sure. We will be current with Mac OSX for the foreseeable future.

Q: Are updates free forever.
If we fix something, yes. If we add a feature, maybe. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. When they change the name and now you have to pay, its a bit deceptive. Caveat emptor. Over the 15 years our company has been making embroidery software we've had one paid upgrade to an existing product when going from Windows '95 to Windows Vista, which was a total rewrite and we added whole sections to the program.

Q: How do I add my serial number?
If you have no Platform titles currently the program will ask for a serial number when it is run. If you already own another title, such as Essentials, run the program and choose the menu 'Help->Serial Numbers' which opens a window that let's you type in your shiny new StitchArtist serial number. Typing is better than copying in some cases, as paste can also include hidden character formatting codes. Once you type it in, click the button, 'Set'. This will add the StitchArtist product to the window's list. Click 'Ok' and restart the program (not the computer). You ready to draw with stitches. And now you have a Platform title, so now you know how to install the next product you acquire!

Q: What if I lose my serial number?
Well, isn't that just typical! Always losing your serial numbers. Oh, your computer crashed? Don't worry, you can reclaim your serial number by using the Contact Us form. We do sleep occasionally, but not for long. We'll get it back to you. Also, remember to register. It makes it easier to find things in our little treasure chest of nibbles and bits.

Q: Can I use my cut files in SVG or from Scan 'n Cut or Silhouette as artwork?
We have added the import of those files to Level 2. Be forewarned though; vector art needs to be modified to make embroidery for all but the simplest items.

Q: Can I create vector art and export it?
Yes, Level 3 will export what you have drawn directly into .svg, .studio and .fcm

Q: .svg files are not always the same size everywhere, what's up?
The 's' in .svg means "scalable". Some programmers (Adobe, Inkscape etc.) therefore did not bother to set an actual size or a dpi in their .svg output. In their worlds, size does not matter. They read and write at whatever value sounded good to them. If they can read what they wrote at the the same size, they are happy. But you may need to know an actual size because it won't be in their files. (We have figured out what those two use and auto-magically read it).

Q: I can't see my stitches!
You have turned them off with the 'eyeball' button.

Q: I lost my hoop/grid!
Use the view menu to show or hide things. There are also a number of hotkeys - check the manual for a list.

Q: Does it work on Windows 10?
Yes, we already answered that. Really, no matter how many times we say it, people still are asking.

Q: Why doesn't 'Remove Hidden Stitches' work on things I've drawn on top of one another.
This feature is for the merging of designs digitized by others. In the case where you are digitizing it yourself, don't put stitches where you don't want them.

Q: Do you have videos?
Yes, a whole bunch of them linked on the left at - StitchArtist has a whole playlist in our channel on YouTube.

Q: I love it, but where do I buy it?
Click the button 'Shop' or 'Store' at the top of the website. It should be at the top of this very page!
Is that really an F.A.Q.? Really, it is. We get asked this almost daily.

Embroidery software and designs for Mac and Windows.
"Embroidery for the Rest Of Us!"

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