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FAQ 2 - Multi-Hoop

Posted: Sun Nov 30, 2014 8:23 pm
by Admin
This was a good enough question that we thought it could use an FAQ.

Q: Can I create designs for Multi-Position (MP) hoops? Does SA support my MP hoop?

You can certainly create designs using any MP-hoop total field size - it is very easy to enter a hoop of any dimension.

But as a design creator, you would not want to "split" a file you created for that field size - you would want to actually create multiple designs (one for each position of the hoop) such that the design comes together nicely. To facilitate this, you can actually create multiple 'designs' on one page; for example, the whole hoop could have two designs, one for each position. Then you would save the two files for you (or your customers) to stitch.