Making brag patches for Cub Scouts

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Making brag patches for Cub Scouts

Post by jandrso » Mon Jan 22, 2018 8:18 am

I am new to Embrillance. My goal is to make brag patches for my Cub Scouts instead of buying them and taking money away from the scouts. Right now, I am trying to make a "Frozen Camper Award" patch. It was cold at our last campout and the campers who stuck it out (instead of giving up and going to a hotel) deserve a little something. I will have to sew on a loop at the top of the patch so they can hang it on their Class A Uniform. This patch will have lettering so I am thinking I will need Alpha Tricks for sure, but my question is about the border. I know I can't make the professional border like on ones you buy for so much money, but it does need a border. My initial thought would be a satin stitch around the patch, but again, I am new and not sure that this would be the best way to go. If it is then which level of StitchArtist would suit my needs? I would eventually like to make the satin stitch border say a pinewood derby car and not just a circle, oval, or square. I have a Brother PE-770. I know its not a big machine, but it should suit our needs. Any help or ideas is greatly appreciated. Thank You!

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Re: Making brag patches for Cub Scouts

Post by Wilder » Sun Jan 28, 2018 8:10 pm

You can do a satin edge in StitchArtist Level 1. You will need something to give you the lettering needed. And, to help get a clean edge, I would do an applique and adjust the inset out a bit so the stitches cover the edge but falls inside far enough to give it durability. I would also add an eyelet for hanging, it will be more durable than just a thread loop.

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