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stitch density - difficulties

Posted: Fri May 17, 2019 5:32 am
by KathleenMc
I enlarged a purchased design with the "fit to hoop" function.

The satin stitches increased density appropriately for the larger size.

The fill stitches did *not* increase in density.

I selected one of the sets of fills (by selecting that numbered step in the "Objects" list on the right-hand side) and used the "Density Adjustment" slider to change "Fill:" to +25%. However, the density of the stitches did *not* change.

This is a problem because the fill areas are not filled with thread and too much of the fabric shows through the design.

The satin border stitches are fine.

Why are the outline Satin stitches changing in density but the fill sections are not??

Any suggestions will be much appreciated!