part of design disappears in transfer to embroidery machine

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part of design disappears in transfer to embroidery machine

Post by KathleenMc » Thu Nov 07, 2019 4:01 pm

I have created a design in Stitch Artist 1, using a shape from the "Embrilliance Outlines" Library. I have this shape in twice - once with a satin stitch border and then I copied, pasted, and sized the shape (slightly smaller than the original) and in this 2nd version assigned it a run stitch. Both times the object is showing up just fine in Stitch Artist as having stitches (and tie at entry/exit). For example, I can change the color of either object.

When I transfer the design via my thumb drive to my embroidery machine, the object with the satin stitch border shows up in the sequence and stitches out just fine.

HOWEVER, the run-stitch object shows *no* stitches associated with it in the embroidery machine window, and when I hit that step/object the machine sews *1* stitch and moves me to the next step of the design.

Things I have tried that have not worked:
> moved the not-showing-up shape to a different step in the sequence (before or after other steps) in Embrilliance, do a Save As a different file, try loading that file - it still does not show up when I transfer the design to the machine

> instead of copying the satin stitch object (the one that works) and pasting it in, and then changing it from a satin to a run stitch, I brought in a brand new version of that shape from the library and assigned a run stitch to it - it still does not show up when I transfer the design to the machine

> changed the run stitch to another type (e.g., backstitch) - still did not work

> changed the color of the thread - still did not work

>saved it as a .DST file instead of a .PES file (I have a Brother embroidery machine) - still did not work

>tried separating the entry/exit ties - (though the ones on the satin stitch object are together and it works fine) - still did not work

I am working on a Mac (OS 10.14.5 - Mojave) running Embrilliance Version 1.161, Build Sep. 11 2019.

I don't see a place here where I can attach the file, but I would love for someone to take a look at it and tell me what I've done wrong and why the run-stitch object looks just fine in Stitch Artist but is not transferring to be stitched on my machine. Thank you!

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