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Creating Appliques #2 in Stitch Artist

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2015 4:54 pm
by EastWitch2
March 19, 2015

Under File click on Open and find the saved Applique Stitch File that you just saved and bring it into the working window.
Your saved stitch file should now show you where the final stitches have been removed for the Appliques that are under another Applique.
See my Picture where my Satin Finishing Stitches where removed and only the Applique and Material stitches are left in those section.

Now we are going to Color Sort that saved Stitch file in Essentials.

Highlight the Saved Stitch file in the Objects Pane on the left as I show in the picture below.
While highlighted go to the top of the working window and click on Utility.
In the Drop down Menu click on Color Sort.

When you click on that you will get a Pop Up Window telling you how many Color Changes your design has been reduced by and it gives you the option to save the design.
Yes - Save the design !!!!!

******Have to do one more post in order to show you the last picture.
See Creating Appliques #3 in Stitch Artist where I continue this subject at the link below. ... =32&t=1338