Support for Cutwork Needles

If you would like us to consider a feature or product concept which might be out of the scope for Essentials, please add your thoughts here.
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Support for Cutwork Needles

Post by spncrgr » Tue Mar 31, 2015 5:25 pm

I've seen a couple posts for this around the forums, mostly in the Essentials feature requests section. As has been mentioned, this is an advanced/complicated function to implement. I can understand why it may not be considered for Essentials, so I'm posting something here since this forum section isn't specific to any one product.

I'm sure everyone's idea of a "minimum feature set" is different, so I'm posting mine here. Hopefully, others will chime in and the Embrilliance dev team will be able to compose a "v1.0" feature set and implement it :D

I embroider on a PFAFF Creative Vision machine and use the Inspira set of cutwork needles. Generally speaking, the designs I use work very much like appliqué. Here's the use case that covers the vast majority of cutwork designs I use.
  • First a position stitch is sewn.
  • Next come the cutwork needles - sewn a couple of millimeters to the "inside" of the position stitch. The stitch lines of the cutwork needles generally have "gaps" in them to keep the material attached. The gaps are placed in proportion to the size of the shape.
  • After that, the cut material is removed and a piece of fabric or water soluble stabilizer is placed underneath the hooped material. The next stitch is a basting stitch around the design to hold this in place.
  • After the basting stitch, a running stitch is sewn about 1mm to the "outside" of the position stitch. This is the first step in stabilizing the cut edge.
  • The second step to stabilize the cut edge is to sew a zig-zag stitch, centered on the position stitch, around the shape. The width of the zig-zag stitch is just enough to catch the stabilizing running stitch and the inside of the cut edge.
  • To finish off the cut edge, a satin stitch is used.
Having a cutwork function available in the product(s) wherever the Appliqué function is currently available should cover my current needs.

If providing an example design would help, just let me know!

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