Thumbnailer on Windows7

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Thumbnailer on Windows7

Post by sherryb » Thu Aug 23, 2012 8:32 pm

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't! I don't understand. It's not even consistent as to a file type. In some folders, I can view PES files, and in other folders, PES files just do not show up. In folders where I have all file formats of a single design, I can see all of them except the PES file. PES seems to be the one that causes the most problems. And yet, in some folders I can see PES files. It doesn't matter how large I make the icons. For the most part, it just does not render PES files. Is it me?
I didn't have this problem with XP.

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Re: Thumbnailer on Windows7

Post by Admin » Thu Aug 23, 2012 10:28 pm

Well, Windows 7 seems pretty stable, unless you are looking in .ZIP files. There, it is anybody's guess, which is probably why Microsoft doesn't even show .jpgs. This is the behavior we see often with slower systems viewing .ZIP files.

Use the current version 2.74. It is your best bet. Also you can reset links if you have some other program linked to the .PES files. (We're amazed how many people have Acrobat linked to embroidery.)

If your PC is older, it can take a while for the thumbnails to generate. And if you cancel the generation by switching to another folder while the icons are still being made, then it is possible windows is caching them un-rendered.

You can use the Contact Us link and we can look at your diagnostics to see if there are any obvious registry glitches.
We 've got just about every system going well at this point, but sometimes there is a little TLC required.

PS: Windows Thumbnailer is built on Windows 7 64 bit systems. There is no generic problem for any OS at this moment.

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