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Some FAQs

Post by Admin » Mon Dec 27, 2010 2:11 pm

Hi, we’ve been getting lots of interest in the Embrilliance Thumbnailer product. Thank You! But there are a couple questions that have come up more than once, so I’ll address some of them here:

Q: Can I use it on more than one computer.
A: YES! No problem. Even a Mac in one room and a PC in another. There is no limit.

Q: Is there a dongle.
A: No. Just a serial number.

Q: I Installed it and registered it. Now what do I do?
A: There is no other ‘program’ to run. This may seem confusing. It is so easy. Just open a folder on your computer and view the files using Thumbnails. On a Mac, open ‘Finder’ and choose the icon view. On Windows XP, use the View menu and choose Thumbnails. On Windows 7 use the View button on the right of the window and slide up to Medium Icons. Look in the Forum for a post about Thumbnailer and Windows. This has some useful graphics to show you how to set us your Windows views.

Q: On a Mac, I cannot see the thumbnails. I just installed it. What’s wrong?
A: Mac has a timer that makes it look for a thumbnail generator only infrequently. So on a Mac, sometimes it simply takes a while before the computer notices that it can display icons. You will probably see them first in CoverFlow view (look for the button on the Finder’s Toolbar.)

Q: Do I drag and Drop something?
A: No. Just have a look at your designs.

Q: Are there updates?
A: Yes. The updates are on our downloads page at
Updates of this sort are free. Please try the Test edition at the bottom of the page if you are experiencing trouble. There is a separate post in this forum regarding the installation of that. By doing this, you will probably fix your problem, and see more icons at different sizes too!

We hope these FAQs help with your purchase. And thank you!
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Re: Some FAQs

Post by mslinnie » Mon Apr 06, 2015 2:55 pm

I just bought the thumbnailer but I don't know where to find the registration #. Can someone help please?

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registeration # no one has answered this question since 1915????? I just downed the thumnailer and this is 2017 nov. no

Post by xkencar » Fri Nov 10, 2017 8:40 am

I can not find the serial # iand I just ordered this, does it come by usps or us or what.
I guess I will just start the process to cancel it. If I do not get it veery soon.

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