Free Standing Lace Wine Glass Tags

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Free Standing Lace Wine Glass Tags

Post by LisaSewBubbles » Fri Dec 23, 2016 11:14 am

Here is a Free Standing Lace wine glass tag that can be personalized. I created the design in StitchArtist and am providing the BE working file so that you can see what I have done to replicate on your own in future projects. For those that want to simply personalize and stitch, I have provided some information on what I did in the various programss - opening the design, adding a name, combining multiple designs in one hoop, and color sorting to save the stitch file.
glasses.png (303.43KiB)Viewed 10962 times
Opening the design
I am providing the BE file which can be opened in the Embrilliance platform. When you look at he opened design, the object pane shows 2 designs that are overlapped in the display pane. If you have Essentials, this means that the Remove Hidden Stitches (RHS) would “kick in” which would not be a good thing because it would affect the stability of the Free Standing Lace (FSL) stitched fabric.
open.png (395.72KiB)Viewed 10962 times
When you do NOT want the RHS of Essentials to kick in on a particular color/object/design, you can set the appliqué flag to Applique Material by RIGHT clicking on the color chip for that object and choosing this option from the popup menu.
Set flag.png
Set flag.png (420.45KiB)Viewed 10962 times
By setting this flag in your BE working file, you are telling the software that this particular object has “a job”. It is a “solid object” - such as fabric - and must remain complete in order for it to do its job in the stitched file. In other words - don’t remove any stitches from this object even if there is other stuff on top of it.

So the holly on top of our FSL design is not going to remove any stitches underneath. If you delete the holly and merge in another design - it will not remove any stitches underneath. We can now add our lettering and it will not remove any stitches either.

Adding the name

Use the lettering tool to add your name. There are heaps of videos on the Embrilliance youtube channel on using the lettering tool. Here is a link to the playlist that contains the most popular lettering videos: ... YI_O4MgUNr
Add Name.png
Add Name.png (304.53KiB)Viewed 10962 times
While working with lettering on top of a design, you have to be careful to not move any of the design elements. Use the Lock in the object pane to “lock the wineglass tag” to the design page so that you don’t accidentally move it. When you are done, select the objects and unlock them.
Lock.png (394.46KiB)Viewed 10962 times
Create multiples in your hoop.

In Essentials, you would want to select all of the design and copy and paste 3 times and move the pasted copies to where they fit in your hoop. If you have Enthusiast you can use the Instant Repeat Function to accurately duplicate and space however many you need.
Copy paste Instant Repeat.png
Copy paste Instant Repeat.png (326.9KiB)Viewed 10962 times
Change the names, make adjustments to spacing and other lettering. When complete, save your working file and then run the Utility > Color Sort and choose New View (I made multiple hoops of these so after the first one was done, I simply chose Save from the color sort dialog, I did not need to create a new view and verify.
color sort.png
color sort.png (283.66KiB)Viewed 10962 times
Here is my sorted file - because I chose the same color for the names as the outline in the holly, this file was reduced to 4 colors and the names all stitched after each outline.
done.png (449.52KiB)Viewed 10962 times
These were stitched on 2 layers of water soluable stabilizer (WSS). After stitching, I trim excess WSS and rinse in warm water and let dry completely. The top loops are for threading ribbon through so that they can be attached to the stem of a wineglass.

Enjoy this design and project!
Wineglass FSL
This embroidery design was created by Lisa Shaw using Embrilliance StitchArtist
(20.13KiB)Downloaded 1175 times
Here is the design file that you can download and create your own personalized wine glass tags.
This is a zipped printable PDF file of this forum post
(1.07MiB)Downloaded 964 times
Here is a PDF of this post for those that want to view the project
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Re: Free Standing Lace Wine Glass Tags

Post by LadyDingo » Sat Dec 15, 2018 7:50 pm

Thank you for this be file

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Re: Free Standing Lace Wine Glass Tags

Post by imnana » Wed Jan 30, 2019 9:45 pm

Lisa, Thanks so much for the tutorial, specifically the part on Color Sorting. I wish I had found this before Christmas 2018, but I'm thrilled to understand a little more of the Embrilliance software. You are so detailed in all your teaching methods. Thanks again. Now I can fix the design I put together of Danish Heart Ornaments. The Appliqué Flag is one I haven't fully understood yet, as are many things, I am sure. Baby steps. Happy New Year!!

Nancy P

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