The origin of the Thumbnailer

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The origin of the Thumbnailer

Post by Admin » Fri Jan 07, 2011 4:22 pm

I was chatting on another forum and this subject came up, so I thought, "Why not post it here!"

For those interested, this is the story of how that product came to be:

I started this project back in 2000 when I wrote the original Designer's Gallery, but couldn't get it to work, probably because I was developing on Windows 2000, which had a lot of NT in it. Later, XP made it possible, and I had a few friends asking for it, but by then, other folks had done them so I left it alone. They did a reasonable job, and I had no intention of stepping on their toes. I had other programs to write. So I do want to give credit to others for doing this first.

Then in 2007 we started writing for the Mac in earnest. Following the successful launch of Convert It, Mac (CIM) in 2008, we saw that this product came naturally, so in 2009 we released it there and made it free to CIM owners. We still had plans for the product sitting on the shelf in 2009 because, having looked around on the Windows side, no one was able to make their icons work completely in Windows Vista, or later Win 7, particularly on the 64 bit machines.

Still, I didn't jump on it until I had a very large distributor ask for it. You know who it is, but I cannot tell you here. Anyway, the point is that they had evaluated what was available for the market and for whatever sundry reasons, usually installation or compatibility issues, they couldn't accept the current product offerings. In a conversation, they simply said, "You know what we need..." And I said, "You know, I have a lot of that done already."

It has been very well received, and we are so grateful!

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Re: The origin of the Thumbnailer

Post by sandimacd » Tue Feb 01, 2011 3:48 pm

Great little story! ;)
embroidery on Mac OSX has opened up a new world to me...

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