Could I use cotton thread for the knockdown stitches?

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Could I use cotton thread for the knockdown stitches?

Post by jonjonbear » Mon Jan 23, 2017 6:30 am

Hello all,
I have a logo that I am putting on some fairly thin cotton golf towels. I want to use knockdown stitches because the center of the logo has small text. I did a couple "tests" on spare material and it turned out pretty well but I used white poly embroidery thread. I was wondering if I could use serger thread instead, so it wouldn't be shiny. I did use wash away stabilizer under the knockdown stitches to keep the loose terry down.
Also, can you edit or adjust the knockdown stitches once Embrilliance? Say for instance, when I select add knockdown, it automatically assigns a specific border around the edge and in the center but what if I had a design that I didn't want the knockdown stitches along the outside of the design, and only put them in the center?

Thanks so much,


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