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Sequence letters to remove jump threads

Posted: Wed Mar 16, 2016 5:39 pm
by margnelson
This is about embroidery machines that trim jump threads. When you have a word that the lettering is close and when stitched you get the little jumps, this is annoying. In the past, I used to change the colors of the letters, forcing a trim, however, while this works, it is very time consuming on the machine (multi-needles) assigning the correct color for all the individual letters.

Now I have discovered that I can change the stitch sequence of that word, however, the only way of seeing the stitch order is to run stitch simulator ...

So my question ... Is there an easier way of seeing the new stitching order of the single color word ? Maybe 'right click / show stitch order' could be included somewhere.

I am loving being able to sequence, I now have cleaner, crisper wordings, now it is just fine tuning of the concept.