New user many questions

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New user many questions

Post by sewquilt » Sun May 20, 2012 4:59 pm

I am new to Embrillance and new to machine embroidery. I have a Bernina 630 with module. I am a Mac user
I have the manual but some of the embroidery terminology is unfamiliar.
1. Saving, do I always save as on a new design?
2. I started with an oval flower design (which I elongated) and I added my name to the center. I found a basting design for the Bernina large oval hoop (255mm x 144mm), how do I add that basting design to the oval flower design?
3. In preferences, hoop sizes, default is 300mm x 300mm and 350mm x 350mm but the stitch field says 999mm by 999mm for both. Do I add the Bernina medium and large hoop actual sizes?

My goal is to make embroidered quilt labels.

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Re: New user many questions

Post by barbsbees » Mon May 28, 2012 7:57 pm

I have the Bernina 640 and you can add our hoops to the Environment.
1. Go to the opening page of Embrilliance with your software open.
2. At the top click on the yellow gage looking icon to the right of the 3D (this is the preferences window)
3. There are several ovals on the right.
4. Click on the one marked NEW
5. Give your new hoop a name (I called mine Medium, Oval, Mega and Small)
Your frames will be all rectangular, not oval or with rounded corners. Not sure if this can be done differently or not but this works for everything so far for me.
6. Click OK and you have a new hoop to match the Bernina ones.
7. you choose which hoop to use by going to the same yellow gauge looking icon. Click on the size you want, then Apply, then OK Screen now displays the hoop you chose.
8. At the bottom of screen showing your hoop you can rotate it by just clicking on the hoop measurements and it is rotated by 90 degrees.


When I am saving making a new designs I open NEW which is right under the red, green and yellow dots at the top left.
After my design is finished I click on SAVE AS under FILE. I usually save to the desk top because I can find it easier. I then drag it to my jump drive to take to my machine, If it is something I want to save (for my memory sake) I save the designs first as EMB then whatever I choose to call it. That way all my embroidery stuff gets grouped together in Documents where I save them. Many for one time use I delete after stitching them out. I do lots of monogramming.

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