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Re: Having 2 problems

Post by EastWitch2 » Thu Jun 26, 2014 12:41 pm

CLT3 wrote:So, apparently the only way to change the stitch order if it involves and applique, is by cutting and pasting? Also, my remove overlapping stitches now only shows when I click on "when saving" under Preferences? It's a little hard to find now since that's not what the manual shows.

The cut and paste method is very easy to use when you want to insert text or a name or perhaps even a small design into a certain position within an Applique design or an applique in the hoop project such as the one you were working on.
It will also work for inserting text or designs into any other type of embroidery designs not just applique!

In the Objects Pane just click on the plus sign in front of the Applique design.
Then all the steps or colors show that are in the Applique.

High light by clicking on the color/s that you want to stitch after the text or name or merge in another design you will be inserting into the Applique and click Cut.
Then make your text or name and it shows in the Object Pane.
Then click in the object pane and click on paste and the colors of the applique you cut out will now be pasted back into the design and will show as the last object in the design.
This worked very quickly.

Just make sure that you have the Remove Overlapping Stitches Box unchecked under Files in Preferences.

If you have an Applique and you just want to change the order of how it stitches out then in the Object Pane left click on the color/s that you want to move to a different stitching position in the applique use the drop down to choose the order ( first , last, earlier or later) you want it to stitch within the Applique.

There are times when you are working with applique designs and you want to overlap them that is when you may want to have the Remove Overlapping Stitches feature turned on especially if the final satin stitches of the overlapped appliques are stitching on top of each other as this would cut down on the bulk of the overlapping stitches.
Lisa has a Video showing why and when to use this in the first video on the link below.


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