Version 1.04

New versions fix things and add features. This will document those changes. If you had a Feature Request and we have implemented it, we've moved the topic here for posterity.
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Version 1.04

Post by Admin » Thu Feb 10, 2011 10:04 pm

We've updated and are including some of your requests.

Ghost Mode for selection is now the default, and can be turned on/off from the View menu. Ghost mode shows the non-selected parts of the design as light and transparent, whereas the selected part of the design is shown normally. If nothing is selected, the entire design is shown normally.

A Print option page was added to the Preferences so that you could print out non-realistic design templates which show the jump stitches. You can also decline to print the Color Sequence.

Word Spacing has been added to the Multi-Line text and Circle Text property pages.

Show Hoop button "H" was added to the Navigation control. Also the word 'Zoom' was shortened to provide more fine tuning of the zoom slider, and to help you understand, tooltips were implemented on these controls.

New pages will have a default zoom: Zoom to Hoop.

On Windows the '+' button was put back on the Object tree because most people didn't double-click on it to expand it.

Double-click in the Merge Designs window will do the import, you won't have to click the button unless importing multiple designs. (Did you know you could do that?)

Some bugs were fixed with selection.

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