Background colors & printing requests

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Background colors & printing requests

Post by BvilleCBH » Fri May 16, 2014 11:02 am

I would like the background and hoop size to stay "with" my file on the save. The defaults can stay as you start a new design, but let's say I am embroidering on a black shirt and choose a black background. My next project will have a black background. It's frustrating when going back and forth between designs. Please look into this as a feature that stays with specific files.....not to apply to everything thereafter.

I have several suggestions for the printing/saving features.

1) I would like the background I pick for my designs to print instead of defaulting to "no background."

2) The crosshairs seem to be off center in my print preview. Large designs get cut off at the bottom because of this.

3) I would like to save my design as a PDF so I can email it to people.


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