Hoop Sizes - Metric Rules Inches Drool

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Hoop Sizes - Metric Rules Inches Drool

Post by LisaSewBubbles » Wed Aug 27, 2014 2:08 pm

If you are working in machine embroidery you need to know what you hoop size is in metric. Sure you can refer to it by its "Guesstimate Measurement" when chatting about what you are working on. "I used my 4x4 hoop to embroider this monogram on a shirt". But when you are customizing designs, running into trouble, asking for help, verifying your steps/work, you can eliminate a boat load of unknowns and questions by working in metric. And if you don't know what your hoop size is in metric - check your manual or go to your manufacturer's website or your favorite search engine and ask.
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And converting what you think the size is from INCHES to Millimeters will be incorrect on so many levels! The first being that each format has different sized hoops! So converting 4inches to millimeters by simple math "might" work for someone with a Janome, but if you had a Brother the design would be too big. ONE of the Janome "4x4" hoops is 110mm x 110mm and the Brother is 100mm x 100mm.

If you look at the picture below - this is just a comparison of the 4x4 (yellow) and 5x7 (blue) hoops in the PES and JEF formats.
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So if the list of hoops for your format is confusing because there are so many choices, you have options in Essentials!
Delete hoops you don't have or use. You can select the hoops you do not have and hit the delete key to remove them from the list! If you want to add them back, hit Default.
You can rename your hoops! So you can see here that I edited the 140x200 hoop to add "B hoop" to its description. Just remember that when you install an update, the built in hoops will be reset so you aren't losing your hoops, the software is simply not finding the built in hoops to the program and going to help you by putting them back.
You can add new hoops. So I added my "B hoop" which has the same measurement as the one above but because I created a New Hoop, it will not be "deleted" if I click on Default or install an update.
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Why guess and have to result in trial and error? Do you mark your fabric and use templates to place your embroidery? Don't you want to be just as accurate with the size of your embroiderable area?

Thinking "oh I'll just make it a little bit smaller than 4" and that will work" is perfectly fine sometimes. But then you save the design, send it to the machine, and now you can't find the design! Ugh - you get frustrated. What did I do wrong? Let me try it again.... "there's something wrong with the software" is one of the first things that comes to mind - trust me, I know. Been there, done that, own the t-shirt in multiple sizes. It saved just fine, the software must have done something to it and the frustration sets in.
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So, to create a zen like atmosphere in your embroidery world, use the measurement toggle to switch to metric. You can keep it in inches 99% of the time! But here is my suggested routine for when you are ready to send a design to the machine.

1. Go to Utility > Baste Design. If you are a "floater" adding a basting box will significantly increase the stability of the project in the hoop.
2. Click on Metric and look at the design size at the bottom of the screen. Is it bigger than your max design area? If so, now you know you have to do something in order to stitch the design.
3. If you want to sort the colors do so now and save or just save and be done.

I hope that this information helps explain a bit about "the hoop situation".
If you have further questions, please use the Contact Us link at the top of this page to submit your questions to customer support.


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