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How to Delete Mapped Fonts in Alpha Tricks.

Posted: Sun Sep 21, 2014 4:41 pm
by EastWitch2
Sept 21, 2014
Here is a mini lesson on how to Delete a Font in Alpha Tricks.

Perhaps you just don't want one of your mapped Fonts in the program any longer or perhaps you have 2 mapped version of the same Font and would like to delete one.
Perhaps this will help you learn how to go about deleting those Fonts! :D

Click on the Font Mapper Icon in the top Tool Bar.

Click No on the Pop Up Window that asks if you want to begin importing a font.

Next to the word Fonts (circled in Blue in the image below) on the left side of the Import Fonts Window is a Font Box (highlighted in Yellow in the image).

Click on the Down Arrow (which is circled in Red in the image) beside the Font Box to display the list of all the Fonts you have mapped into the program.

Find the name of the Font that you want to delete and click on it in the Display List.

This will put the name of the Font in the Font Box and will also display all the letters of that font in the working area of the Window.

Now move over to the right side of the Window and click on the DELETE Font Button ( circled in Red in the Image below).
And Poof! Now your font has been deleted from the program. ;)