folders for fonts

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folders for fonts

Post by thistlerose » Sun May 24, 2015 1:41 pm

thanks for the update in Alpha Tricks that allows to type in the begining of a search for a font/
However, it is possible to set the system up to create folders, just like we do in document.
You are right, some of us have way too many fonts...and need organization to help us out.
I'd like to be able to "file" my fonts two main ways:
Alphabetically by the name of the font
Size...all my half inch in one folder, etc.

Yes, this means a speceific font would be filed two name and by size.

when deceiding on a font, it would be useful to go either by name or size, depending on what is needed.

This would also greatly shorten the list we have to scroll through.

thanks so much...please let me know if this is on the horizon!

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