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Resizing Designs created in StitchArtist

Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 3:17 pm
by LisaSewBubbles
I know this may look complicated, but it shows the difference of enlarging and shrinking an object created in StitchArtist by opening the working file (BE file) vs resizing the same stitches from the stitch file using the sizing of Essentials.
Resizing in BEvsStitch file.png
Resizing in BEvsStitch file.png (268.99 KiB) Viewed 3283 times
A resized object created in StitchArtist will have the pattern fill recalculated to fit the new size of the object. When you resize a stitch file, it can't change the pattern or number of motifs, it is sized by a different mechanism. So when making things smaller you may want to make some adjustments to size and density of the selected fill so that it looks like the original larger size but not as compact as the shrunk PES file. And enlarging the stitched version makes it look too open so again I might adjust the fill to be a bit larger but not as large as the one on the right.

Just remember, if you created the file using StitchArtist - always open the working file - the one with the BE extension. This gives you all the digitizing objects you created.

And for those that buy alphabet designs and wonder why they give you so many sizes....that's because they have created the original and resize the others in their software tweaking and testing so that the alphabets stitch consistently the same at all sizes.