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Multi-Position Hooping in StitchArtist

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2015 9:59 am
by keithbg
Hi, I am brand new to embroidery and the Embrilliance software framework (StitchArtist1). I have some hockey jerseys that i need to apply an applique logo to. Unfortunately the design is larger than my largest BabyLock emp6 hoop. I was hoping that StitchArtist would allow me to split the design but it looks like other embrilliance products have that functionality but not stitchartist1. Do you have any tips? thought I would just split the outline into two graphics but StichArtist shrinks the image down when imported and I can never get it to resize exactly to match the original logo. Then I have to figure out how to line this all up! Maybe I should just find someone to sew these. Any suggestions?