digitizing conversion, export

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digitizing conversion, export

Post by Needlicious » Thu Dec 31, 2015 11:40 am

Disclaimer: I have been using Embird for over 10 years so I have a bit of a learning curve switching to Embrilliance. I love many many things about Embrilliance but my mind is still defaulting to the way my other program works. I'm asking for help in re-training my brain. :D

1. What I want to do when I create a new design is be able to convert it from the working file into multiple file types (.dst, .exp, .hus, .pes, et cetera). In Embird I can choose my working files (.eof) and convert them to multiple files types at once, choosing multiple files to convert (same design in multiple hoop sizes). So far all I have been able to figure out with Embrilliance is to convert one at a time. Am I missing something or is this a limitation of the software? I need to offer my customers multiple options and this converting one at a time is time consuming.

2. Also in Embird I can choose my file(s) and export/save/send straight to my embroidery machine. So far in Embrilliance I have to do this individually per file and filter all the way through my file tree and Save it to my machine. Is there a faster or simpler way to do this and be able to do this with multiple files?

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