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Using the Carousel function to create wreath

Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2015 12:52 pm
by LisaSewBubbles
Carousel_orig.png (122.3KiB)Viewed 7234 times
This is the original design I started with.

Using Stitch Editing I removed the excess stem. If you have Essentials, the overlapping will remove the hidden stitches for you automatically for all EXCEPT one which will be on top. I chose to remove the stem and avoid potential problems to begin with.
Carousel1.png (177.06KiB)Viewed 7234 times
The Utility > Carousel function allows you to easily create a wreath design from any existing design.
Carousel_new.png (147.47KiB)Viewed 7234 times
The settings you make in the dialog box for Carousel give you a preview so you can make adjustments and create the design you want.
Carousel2.png (262.01KiB)Viewed 7234 times
Add my initial, change the color to one that is already being used. If you have Essentials you can sort the colors in the design and save the stitch file and be ready to sew. Quick and easy project.
Carousel_new.png (147.47KiB)Viewed 7234 times