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Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 2:01 pm
by bappa
I did not see a board devoted to Embrilliance Express, so will submit my post here and hope someone can see it and answer.

I have used some pre-digitized fonts, but want to expand my knowledge and increase useage of fonts in general. I am working with EMbird version 2017, and my OS is Windows 7. There is no chance at this time for upgrades to either of those things. I have heard that Embrilliance has a free element available that allows keyboard-type fonts to be used called Express. That is nice! But before I DL and jump into something new, I would like some information:

I have seen the word "mapping" when people speak of keyboard font use. What, exactly, is mapping and how is it performed? Does it mean that every single letter and character has to be processed in some way? Or, can an entire font, including multiple font sizes, be processes as a batch, all at once?

If I stick with an outside embroidery software, such as Embird, do they "play nice" together? Are there any known quirks when using Express with Embird?

I assume that I would build a design (words or phrases), save the design, but how do I actually select and use the font design I have saved? Can it be merged with other designs in VIP format to make, say a flower with a name below it? If so, which format would that merged design be in--VIP pr .BX? Do the .BX files reside separately from the other embroidery designs, or would I store them in the same folders I currently use, which are divided by the subject matter of the design--Sports, Dogs, Household, etc. Or, would I have a separate folder of just the >BX designs, which I would pull out and use in combination with a VIP file, or maybe just by itself?

I hope I have provided enough info so someone can answer my questions. Obviously, I have little experience with fonts.
Thank you,


Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:29 pm
by Wilder
Hello. Let's see if I can answer your questions. First of all, Express will let you work with .BX fonts. When working with .BX fonts, after purchasing them they will need to be unzipped. Once unzipped, you will need to drag and drop the font into the Express program. Once dropped or installed into the program, they are mapped to the keyboard, meaning they will work like a built-in font that is entered using the keyboard as opposed to a file import action. You would need to install each size you would want to use as there is no sizing in the Express program. To use the fonts you have installed, click the font entry tool from the tool bar. Then, at the bottom right you should see a list of the fonts you have installed. Select the font and type your text into the text entry box. You would however, be able to save the text in the format for your machine and import it into your other software for additional editing. Ideally, you would use Essentials or Enthusiast and be able to use your fonts and edit all within the same program. I hope this helps.


Posted: Wed Feb 28, 2018 12:35 pm
by bappa
Thank you for your quick reply. One thing still is not clear to me: Is the mapping process done automatically, or is it some function I need to perform myself? The rest of the process as you describe seems pretty straightforward and easy, so now I will think seriously about EXPRESS. THanks so much!


Posted: Sat Mar 10, 2018 8:58 pm
by sandimacd
You will need to do the mapping yourself for fonts that are not .BX or .be. There are a few good YT videos. Search Alpha Fonts mapping. It takes me less than a minute to map my purchased fonts (not .be).