Changing colors of fonts permanently with Alpha Tricks

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Changing colors of fonts permanently with Alpha Tricks

Post by sweetpeapam » Sat Apr 14, 2018 7:49 pm

I realize I can temporarily change font colors in essentials. I just added Alpha Tricks and wish there was a way to change the colors of the .bx fonts in the font list to something different than the usual blue or black. The reason I want to do it is because when using lettering with my .bx fonts, I usually do the same word many times on the same screen to find just the right font. Something that is pleasing to me and fits what I'm designing. When typing that many of the same word on one screen the majority of them are usually the same color. I get tired of going in to each name and changing the color. That's all. Just a personal preference. I did skim through that section of the manual and can't find any way to do it, but I just thought I would ask for this. Thank you

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