Substantial revisions needed

The manual and help systems are in place and mostly complete, but there are sections to add and typos to fix. If you find something, please let us know in here.
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Substantial revisions needed

Post by eramon » Fri Jun 17, 2016 1:12 am

The manual lacks a lot of important details that I'm having to find by trial and lots of error.
Standard technical and software manuals have consistent outline numbering, bullets, subsections, and other formatting that make it easier to find information quickly and easier to read. There's an excessive amount of text crammed into almost every page. Much of it can be edited so that it's concise and informative rather than long-winded and sales-pitchy. Save the fluffy talk for the marketing team. Both the Mac and Windows manuals that I downloaded could use a complete overhaul:
Table of figures
Table of tables (would be REALLY nice to have tables to reference)
Procedural steps
A LOT more white space
Consistent (e.g. p14) placement of icons/figures, paragraph alignment, use of fonts and font sizes, screen shot sizes (too small to read in print; resolution not high enough when zooming in on screen)
Figures don't have callouts or the captions aren't helpful if there's a caption at all
Hovering over figures shows the path to that figure's location on Brian's hard drive, e.g., C:\\Users\Brian\Desktop\EmbroideryWorks Manual\Nav mouse.jpg. This should be a very short description of the image in the figure to help users who are using screen readers and or have other accessibility needs.
There are many very long paragraphs with unprofessional, wordy, and or unnecessary marketing-speak phrases and statements such as
"...if you're lucky..."
"Grids do not force you to stick to them when Snap-to-Grid [sic] is on. Rather, it merely enables the snap as you get close..."
" an ingenious [sic] device that keeps navigation tools readily available, yet tucked away..." [actually, this isn't a new feature; also, it has yet to work for me on either my Mac or Samsung PC]
All of p20--way too crowded and wordy
p12, resizing: it took me a while to figure out that I can't resize anything unless I change the scaling and size (dimensions) values in the tool pane. Nothing I've tried lets me do it using the black "handles". Same story with rotating designs.

I haven't even gotten to the parts that don't make sense or don't have enough details that would help me find what I need. For the amount of money I've paid for Essentials (which I'm beginning to suspect doesn't work), Enthusiast, AlphaTricks, and StitchArtist 2, I expect a seamless UI AND user-friendly UX that is backed up by continual testing and improvement implementation so that I won't have to search for FREE YouTube tutorials.

You don't care, you got your money? Here's the kicker: Producing and releasing a software manual/online help that offers clear AND complete instructions on how to use Embrilliance will cut your costs by reducing the number of help requests submitted through your ticketing system.

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