files not shoeing

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files not shoeing

Post by happy8433 » Sun Jan 29, 2012 2:16 pm

I still have some .pes files that were opened from a zip file that do not show pictures

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Re: files not shoeing

Post by Admin » Sat Feb 04, 2012 4:11 pm

This is answered elsewhere, but maybe we need spread the information some more.

Windows does not have a stable mechanism to provide images while browsing .ZIPs. Sometimes it asks the Thumbnailer to generate an image, other times it does not. Sometimes it asks and doesn't tell you what the file name is. We handle all cases, and always provide an image to Windows if possible. This is still the case even in Windows 7 and (based on the preview) Windows 8 too. Microsoft has 2 or more methods to ask our Thumbnailer for file images (we support everything we can), and their mechanism are unstable for .ZIPs. And yes, we along with many others, have told them. Their response seems to be to have a new group write a new technology which still doesn't work. Call Mr. Gates, if you like.

Because Windows is broken in this feature, we do not advertise .ZIP thumbnails. You'll notice Microsoft themselves do not show .JPGs in .ZIPs, presumably because they too cannot make it work reliably.

Our best recommendation is to simply unzip the files; this makes them easier to use anyway. Embroidery files are so small, don't worry about disk space. This isn't 1990 anymore, thankfully!

For Mac users who are reading this, none of this applies to you; OSX automatically unzips when you download, and Finder does not into browse .ZIPs at all, so there is virtually no equivalent.

We are sorry for any confusion that this feature may cause, but we feel that providing thumbnails to Windows whenever it will ask for them is better than not. Plus we still hope they'll fix it someday!

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jazzy fran
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Re: files not shoeing

Post by jazzy fran » Wed Jun 26, 2013 10:44 pm

i just installed my Emrilliance embroidery program in my laptop windows 7 and i use pes files
and when i want to find a file i go to my pes design lite card reader to get my file on my card so i can install into my 1500D machine but i cant get all my files some dont show and some do the ones that work show a litte photo and i click on it and its great the ones that dont show are there when i look but when i click on it there is nother showing it just says no item match your search
there all pes files so why cant i get them .if its windows thats causing it that means embrilliance emboidery is no good for me as i want all my files to work how can i keep both

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Re: files not shoeing

Post by LisaSewBubbles » Fri Jun 28, 2013 7:10 am

Thumbnailer will display your designs as pictures - zipped or unzipped in Windows Explorer with the proper settings in the control panel.

It sounds like your question has more to do with PE Design Lite, not Windows Explorer, correct? Once you leave WIndows Explorer, Thumbnailer no longer does anything for viewing the files. If I recall, PE Design Lite requires that the PES files all be unzipped before it can see them - you can use Windows Explorer to unzip them.
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