Multi-hoop Lettering design

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Multi-hoop Lettering design

Post by LisaSewBubbles » Tue Apr 22, 2014 3:41 pm

Multiposition hoops are available for most machines - they allow you to hoop a larger area and stitch a larger design layout by stitching the large design in sections. Your machine can still only stitch the max design area at one time, but these hoops can provide an easy way to stitch larger layouts without rehooping. Essentials provides SOME multipostion hoop layouts - others are included in the Enthusiast program.

I was reading messages on a Facebook group and this lovely woman had offered to do some wedding party shirts for a friend - inexpensively. Not going to comment on the "friend" but this "few shirts" turned into 10 shirts....monograms on the pockets and on the back yokes she wanted "Maid of Honor" etc. I'm sure MOST of us have been in similar predicaments with friends not understanding all that goes into machine embroidery, but finding the easiest solution for a new embroider-er is the point of this message.

This situation of having the "Maid of Honor" stitched on the back yoke is a perfect use for her Brother 130 x 300 multiposition "clunk hoop". At almost 12", this would make the lettering large enough to not look dwarfed on the yoke. She would simply hoop the back of the shirt centered in this hoop and stitch the two designs in each position as directed by the text file.

So to create this example design, I selected the 130 x 300 multiposition hoop in the PES format. The put the hoop onto the design page so I could see the entire design area of this hoop.

I clicked the lettering tool and typed in Made of Honor and selected one of my fonts from the pulldown menu. This one is Ann Marie from 8 Claws & a Paw which is available in the BX format and can be added to Essentials.

Once I had the lettering created and sized to fit inside the hoop, I simply saved the design. Sometimes I think "that was too easy - there must be something more" But no, that's really all you have to do.
MoH layout.jpg
MoH layout.jpg (260.08KiB)Viewed 5080 times
So now, looking at the resulting files in Windows Explorer, I see the BE and TXT file as well as the two split sections. Be sure to read the TXT file because it tells you which file stitches in which position and that can be important if you want the design to stitch out like it looks on screen.
MoHfiles.jpg (133.68KiB)Viewed 5080 times
ANYWAY - since I was helping out a friend find a workable solution for her predicament, I thought I would post this information here in the forum in case anyone else found it helpful for a project they were working on!
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Re: Multi-hoop Lettering design

Post by AndSewOn » Sun Jun 15, 2014 1:04 pm

I tried this technique for a name using the 5 x 12 hoop with a Brother 1250d. I followed the directions, and I got the top, bottom, and text files. When I attempt stitching this file out, something doesn't work. This hoop has 3 positions--after stitching the first section, if I use the very next position, the letters overlap. If I use the last position, there is a considerable gap between the letters--about an inch and one-half.

What am I doing wrong?

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Re: Multi-hoop Lettering design

Post by SewingSylph » Mon Jun 16, 2014 9:17 am

@AndSewOn: You're not doing anything wrong. However, while the Brother multi-position hoops have 3 positions, Enthusiast only splits into 2 sections, top and bottom. (The middle section can be used with specific files when you want overlapping effects, such as the shown in the Brother insert that came with your hoop, just not with this software.) If you ensure you change positions to the opposite position rather than the next one on your hoop, you'll get the proper stitching and layout. What I also learned through trial and error is to stitch in the correct order or else the portions that meet in the middle might have the wrong overlays (depending on the design, of course).

In terms of the gap between the top and bottom positions, are you sure that's not in your design? When you do your layout, be sure you are spacing across the entire field and not the two ends or there will be empty spaces you didn't intend.

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