PLEASE HELP ME!!! New to Embrillance

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PLEASE HELP ME!!! New to Embrillance

Post by Emilykspiers » Wed Feb 24, 2016 10:20 am

I recently got a Brother NQ1400e machine. I used to have a PE 770 and I used the PE Design Lite. My aunt has lost my PE Design Lite and I need some other form of pulling in letters from bought fonts to make a name and set it up evenly with an Applique. I was told I needed some kind of software to do this. Would Embrillance work for this? Like I said, I don't need some fact $1,000 program. I just need something that will allow me to pull in each letter of whatever name I'm making from font packs I've purchased on various embroidery sites and have a grid to make sure they are even and in line and also allow me to pull in my Applique to line it up with the name and then once it's all set allows me to send it to my machine via jump drive or straight plug. Would this program do that for me? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!

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Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!! New to Embrillance

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